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The other day, during a visit to the local temple, I came across a poster advertising a concert for Carnatic music, which is a South Indian classical music form. I was very keen on attending it. However, since there was a lot of crowd in the temple and I wasn’t anyway carrying any writing material at the time, I couldn’t note down the singer’s name, concert venue and date, or the telephone number of the box office.


Use High-Tech With Caution In Ads

Of late, there has been a spate of print media ads that encourage readers to learn more about the advertised product by immediately serving up an online experience – so called “augmented reality” – on their mobile phones. Nokia N8 mobile phone and Godrej Interio“green” office furniture are two recent ads of this nature. More>>>

Who Will Bell The ‘QR Code Reader’ Cat?

In the three months since we’d written about QR codes, their usage by advertisers has seen strong traction. J P Morgan Chase’s ad in the FORTUNE magazine and Bosch’s billboard are just two random examples of QR codes found in the print and outdoor media. Overhyped as it sounds, there’s some truth behind the claims made in report by Mobio Identity Systems that QR code “scans are skyrocketing”. More>>>






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